Fight Spam on the Internet!

You are likely reading this page because you received a rejection response from our mail server that indicated your email was not accepted and we believe it might be spam (unsolicited or unwanted email). If you really are not sure what spam is or why it is a major problem in the Internet, you should read the excellent spam primer written by Randy Cassingham. We choose to employ various anti-spamming aids even if it means that a few innocents may not be able to contact us. C'est la vie. It is our right to choose the email we are willing to receive especially since we pay the connection charges. If you believe you are an innocent person and you truly need to contact someone hosted on this mail server, you can email your request to our filter operator, . The filter operator will evaluate your message and forward it to the appropriate person if it is valid. In rare cases, we will add exceptions to the blocking filters for certain incoming email addresses. If your access was blocked, you should contact your ISP about cleaning up their act and crack down on the spammers that use/abuse your mail system. Many sites are starting to implement anti-spam aids and your mail may get rejected at those sites as well. If your are an ISP, you must contact the operator of the indicated block list to get retested and removed. We can only deal with entries on our personal block lists and cannot change the other block lists.

Decoding the blocking response: The rejection response you received should look something like:

Mail from xx.xx.xx.xx refused by; see

The xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP address of the block listed mail relay. The '' will identify one of the lists that identified the suspect server. Contact the block list administrator to get your system tested after you have corrected the spamming problems that placed your server on the list. Your server may be blocked on many different lists. You can use the tools below to get some idea of which lists have blocked your server. There are many places on the Internet to get help in correcting insecure mail servers. Unfortunately this does not help correct incompetent or lazy administrators. And it definitely does help with administrators who believe it is their right to send spam (at our expense for our time and connection charges) or help pass on the spam of others. 

Our multiple block list checker. Enter IP or rdns domain:
SpamCop block list check. Enter IP:
SPEWS block list check. Enter IP:
Range to CIDR converter.
CIDR to range converter.
Who owns this block, anyway?.
Reverse DNS CIDR range.
Back trace with  

Block lists that we current use or have used:
Our personal block lists of sites that have spammed us in the past (scum bags). If you believe you have a valid, non-spam communication you need to deliver, then you can forward your request to our filter operator, , where it will be evaluated. We have no tolerance for spammers no matter how interesting you may believe the message is. This is a combination of a number of external block lists that we consolidate into one local list for efficiency (see the spfilter project and ). We do select the lists that are combined but we do not control the content of the individual lists. You will need to contact the list maintainers if you believe your mail server should not be listed.
FLOWGOAWAY  Flonetwork Netblocks. Post additions/corrections to
PDL  Pan-Am Dynamic Dialup List
SBL Spam Haus
CBL Composite Blocking List
We get nothing but spam from all the open relays in the far east countries. These countries seem unwilling to deal with their spam issues so we choose to drop them. Spam Cop - We submit spam here for block listing. Not Just Another Bogus List Not Just Another Bogus List - evolution of list Spam Haus Open Relay Database - We submit potential relays here for testing. Distributed Server Boycott List Open Proxy Monitor List 510 Software Group (A little to arbitrary for our tastes.) Composite Blocking List Spam and Open Relay Blocking System

Block lists that we have used but sadly are no longer in service: Dynablock (Formerly Wirehub dynablock) blackholes, a.k.a. PERMBLOCK (Formerly Wirehub blackholes) Unsecured Proxies List.
* Osirusoft Research & Engineering.

You may wish to check out some anti-spam sites:
Open Relay Database
MAPS Mail Abuse Prevention System
Network Abuse Clearinghouse
SPEWS Spam Prevention Early Warning System

Randy Cassingham's Spam Primer